About Us

What is dona Partners.

We offer a new donation platform to make donations accessible to everyone with the help of blockchain technology. By increasing transparency in the flow of donations and building a community for sharing best practices in donations.

Our project started with a study of whether we can produce a new sense of values using a distributed ledger technology such as blockchain.The reason why we targeted donations is that donations "require greater transparency and reliability" and "require delivering more donations to recipients by reducing fees and the burden on service operations," and these concepts have a high affinity with the concept of a blockchain. There are many remaining issues regarding blockchain, and we have to evaluate the target area to benefit from blockchain cautiously. The blockchain technology would become a just popular technology if you don't study whether the blockchain technology is really beneficial to this service.

The mission of this project is to provide a new sense of values using blockchain and to make the world a better place through investments in society.

- dona Partners -


Our Concept

We ensure transparency in donation activities, while building a community to share information about charity organizations, assessments, and successful experiences in making donations with the help of blockchain technology.
We provide a mechanism for changing the view on donations from being simply for one’s “own satisfaction in spending money at large-sized institutions or famous NPOs without knowing what the donation is" to becoming "a means to improving society by sharing the successful hands-on experience of supporting activities of your choice" and by enhancing interest, understanding, and empathy with regard to donation markets.

Issues and Solutions

Donation's 4 Most Important Issues.

unknown donation usage

Due to unknown donation usage, donations are inhibited by some factors such as the reliability of charity organizations, and uncertainty results.

lack of interest in and understanding of NPOs

While the number of NPOs has increased steadily, donations are concentrated on major NPOs due to the lack of interest in and understanding of NPOs.

high remittance fees

Remittance charges are very high. (bank transfer, overseas remittance, etc.)

not appropriate donations

Donations are not given to "those who need" it, "as required," and at the "needed time".


3 Key Features of "dona"

Our platform enables you to eliminate the intermediate traders from the process of collecting and distributing donations using blockchain technology; that is, you can give donations directly to support activities that identify the usage of donations.

Use Trace

Reliability improvement, clarification of usage, and reduction of fees in donations.
  • The flows of donations are opened and protected from tampering.
  • The remittance charge is set uniformly around the world, and the fee is lower than with other remittance methods.
  • You can eliminate the intermediate traders from the collection and distribution of donations, to give donations directly to support activities.
Rather than just ending the connection with the recipients after donations, you will receive feedback about the support activities from the recipients. It is required that both voices are delivered, thus creating a donation cycle between the supporters and recipients centered on our platform.

Response View

Give the voice of recipients
  • The activities and achievements of charity organizations can be conveyed.
  • You can enhance the reliability of charity organizations through questions on and reviews of their activities and results.
  • You can share and distribute your fundraising and support activities, amounts of donations, etc. by collaborating with SNS.
We facilitate donations, stoke the desire to donate, and promote diffusion by logically decomposing a gamification logic, which is a mechanism used in games for boosting motivation, and applying it in this platform.

Donation Cycle

Facilitate the activation of donation activities by gamification
  • By visualizing the donation process, it is possible to improve the accessibility of donations and encourage donations.
  • We can improve donors’ satisfaction to keep them motivated to make donations by elevating their activities and results through presentations and others.
  • We allow donors to feel joy and pleasure in using the platform and facilitate them so they share their experiences with others.

Ideal Society

Impact on Society.

Transparency and revitalization of donation markets

Transparency and revitalization of donation markets. This enables the revitalization of donation markets by facilitating the donation activities of potential donors who are interested in contributing to society but hesitate to donate their money due to their distrust of charity organizations or NPOs.

Building a community to share information about charity organizations, assessments, and successful donation experiences

Currently, donations are collected depending solely only the reputation of large-scale organizations, because people are not able to judge the details of NPOs’ activities. We improve the reliability of supporting organizations by building a community that allows the exchange of information on support activities between NPOs and donors or between donors and donors, in order to evaluate NPOs’ activities.

Donation market expansion due to widespread penetration of donation culture

There has been an increasing number of individual donations, but its frequency is low and many of them are intended to support rebuilding after natural disasters. We aim to develop markets for donations by bringing donations into continuous and familiar one for people as a means for changing society and as social investments, besides donations signifying a desire to help in emergencies.


What is dona coin.

Token Details

  • Token name: dona coin
    used for collect and remit donations.
  • Token symbol: DNC
    namespace:mosaic : dona-partners:dnc *1
  • Block chain platform: NEM
    Using NEM Namespaces and Mosaics (customizable fixed assets).
  • Total supply: 3,700,000,000 DNC
    the supply can be changed up or down in the future.
  • Minimum unit: 0.000001 DNC
  • Transaction fees: 0.5%
    0.5% of donated money is taken as a fee.
  • Presale: June 2018
    1th of June 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 15th of June 2018 (09:00 UTC).
  • Token Sale (Stage1): July 2018
    2th of July 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 31th of July 2018 (09:00 UTC).
  • Token Sale (Stage2): September 2018
    3th of September 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 28th of September 2018 (09:00 UTC).
  • Accepted Currencies: NEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Price: 1 DNC = 0.01 USD
  • Minimum purchase: 100 USD (10,000 DNC)
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Listing on cryptocurrency exchange: during 2018.

Token distribution

  • Private & Presale 9.5%
  • Public Token Sale 47.3%
  • AirDrop & Marketing 13.2%
  • Operation 20%
  • Stakeholders 10%
  • *1 This domain name can be thought of very much like a website domain and in NEM is known as a namespace.
Token Sale(Stage1)
Token Sale(Stage1)
50% Bonus
35% Bonus
15% Bonus


A Step Towards Service.

Launch the project.

Modeling Platform

Preparation for project release.

Prepare white paper, web site and so on.

Project Release

Release white paper, web site. Issue a press release.

Web Site Update

Pre-registration start, the English version site, published a white paper.
pre-registration have to let you know the latest information in the news paper.


Ver1.0 develop.


1th of June 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 15th of June 2018 (09:00 UTC).

Token Sale (Stage1)

2th of July 2018 (01:00 UTC) UTC to 31th of July 2018 (09:00 UTC).

Token Sale (Stage2)

3th of September 2018 (01:00 UTC) UTC to 28th of September 2018 (09:00 UTC).

List on Exchange

Service Scheduled to Start

Continue Developing

continue development of Ver2.0.